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Sunday, 27 December 2015 • 05:31 • 0 comments

2015 gonna end soon.. I swear this year so much experience that i got. I changed my school. Can you imagine that? i have to face the new enviroment, new friends, new teachers & yah. I met diff types of ppl. i also channged a little bit. ok nvm from that i know whos the true freind & the bad&good one. I learnt all subject in bi. except sej & bm & agama. Srsly convent great bcs hahahaha i got this chance. want to what was it? i can go to camping. just imagine 2 camping in one year! thats meant a lot of expriences with my new friends. so much fun! Hella fun duh. The activity. Its the most memoriable days in my life & deep in my heart. 2015 suck bcs i still cant achieve my target. so much hw (bi subject)& dont have time to study. srsly i faced so much failure. but the good news is dapat jawatan even form 4 & active (lari, lompat semua) hahahaha in my old school srsly tak aktif. aku tak pernah datang. 
My 2015 got pros and cons. Yah its tradition in ur life. 2015 really teach me a lot. yah thats all for today! xoxo
#Sorry i have told ya that i am such a failure (oh allah please do not Fulfill) yah sorry for my broken grammar everywhere)


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